How the BC PNP Can Help Recruitment Victoria BC in Workforce Shortage


Recruitment Victoria BC can take advantage of the help offered by the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) so it can address labor scarcity.

Canada has a workforce shortage, particularly in the private sector, with a job vacancy report of 2.8 percent in the third quarter of 2017. Therefore, as much as 361,700 job positions are vacant because employers are yet to find suitable employees.

The biggest void in employment comes from the labour market of British Columbia. The province has vacancy rate increasing to 3.4 percent or 60,000 unfilled jobs. The quarterly report (PDF) of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) indicated this. The data is alarming since it is the highest vacancy rate ever recorded for the private sector.

“Labour shortages are again becoming a major hindrance to businesses across the country, especially small firms,” Ted Mallett, chief economist at CFIB said. “We need the government to take action, to find solutions for chronic shortages that inhibit a small business’ ability to take on new contracts, expand and innovate.”

BC Provincial Nominee Program: Addressing Canada’s Workforce Shortage

Canada’s current regulations on foreign workers’ immigration programs are an assortment of both federal and provincial provisions. This is how recruitment Victoria BC can benefit from the BC PNP.

BC PNP is a one-of-a-kind program that allows nominees to go through expedited processing of their permanent residency. This is without having to go through the federal (CIC) point system. Because of the possibility of becoming a Canada permanent resident faster than the typical procedure, many temporary foreign workers would rather apply for a job, work, and stay in B.C.

British Columbia, located in the westernmost area of Canada, is among the most developed provinces. The BC PNP is the provincial government’s program that carefully selects and invites skilled immigrant workers who can significantly contribute to economic growth. Through the program, skilled immigrant workers can receive their British Columbia Provincial Nomination Certificate. They need this to apply for a Canadian permanent residency.

The BC PNP also offers continuous support even after nomination. Currently, the BC PNP processes applications under two immigration streams:

  • Skilled Immigration (including Express Entry British Columbia)
  • Entrepreneur Immigration

British Columbia also introduced the Pilot Project for International Graduates with a doctorate or master degrees in the natural, applied and health sciences from accredited BC universities. Potential skilled workers even without previous British Columbia work experience are eligible to apply.

If employers can find suitable candidates to fill up British Columbia’s job vacancies, they can, therefore, address Canada’s workforce shortage. For 2018, B.C. has an annual allocation of 6,250 nominations. For this reason, the BC PNP can truly help recruitment Victoria BC find qualified temporary foreign workers. Learn about the BC PNP here or talk to a Canada immigration consultant for more information.

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