Searching for the best website to post restaurant jobs is not easy, particularly if you are looking for the one that will cost you nothing. Aside from the cost, a longer hiring process is another struggle for employers. Jobs Vancouver Island is a free job posting site that makes your recruitment procedure shorter.

Why register?

Access to the website – When you register, you will be able to create your account and access your own dashboard. You can build an online profile and post restaurant jobs on Vancouver Island. But more than that, you can reach related job seekers and if successful, find qualified candidates.

A page to create your company profile – Your account allows you to provide information about your company. Job seekers will know the nature of your business, as well as contact details.

Free space to post your job ad – There’s no need to pay for the job ad. As a free job posting site, you can post restaurant jobs in Vancouver Island without cost.

Additional platform for online visibility – More than being a restaurant job posting site, Jobs Vancouver Island helps businesses like you to build your profile for online visibility. When you become visible online, your business is likely to appear on related user queries on search engines.

Access to qualified candidates – Because Jobs Vancouver Island is geography- and industry-specific, you get the access to related job seekers and qualified candidates. Screening and hiring becomes easier.

How to register?

Here is the infographic for easier understanding of the registration process:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this really a free job posting site?

Yes, definitely. You do not have to pay for anything. Just register, complete your profile and post restaurant jobs in Vancouver Island.

2. Is there an expiration period every time I post a job in Vancouver Island?

Yes, but you are the one to decide when to end your job ad.

3. How will I receive the job applications?

The job seekers will email their applications directly to you.

4. What if I can’t find any applicant suitable for my hiring requirements?

You can opt to hire temporary foreign workers. Just inform us if you will consider this and we will help you with the recruitment, from advertising to screening, doing the initial interview, applying for an LMIA, and eventually hiring the candidates.

5. I’m busy with my small business. Can you help me with recruitment?

Yes, definitely. Kindly email us at Don’t forget to provide us your telephone number so we can call you.