Recruitment Services

We are aware of the issues you encounter or may encounter in the future as an employer in the restaurant industry. This is why this restaurant job posting site is built. Jobs Vancouver Island, a free job posting site in Vancouver Island, is here to provide you with solutions to your hiring needs.

Why Jobs Vancouver Island?

Jobs Vancouver Island offers recruitment services for employers that need to post restaurant jobs in Vancouver Island, including hiring for food counter attendant, food service supervisor, food service manager, cook, chef and baker. Aside from being geography- and industry- specific, our recruitment services:

Promote candidate-employer direct communication

There’s no third party. Everything is between you and the job seekers who are already in Vancouver Island. They can apply to you when you post restaurant jobs in Vancouver Island by sending their resume straight to your email. Therefore, you – and the job candidate – communicate directly.

Offer extra help

If you can’t find a local resident and you are open to welcoming a temporary foreign worker as your employee, you can hire us to do the recruitment process and LMIA application.

Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers

If you can’t find the people you need for your restaurant, you may ask for our help to find you temporary foreign workers. We can do the recruitment and the screening process, as well as the LMIA application.

LMIA Application

Aside from giving you the platform to post a job in Vancouver Island, we can also assist you with LMIA Application.

Before you can recruit for restaurant jobs in Vancouver Island, you are required to apply for the Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA. To receive a positive LMIA, which simply means a document indicating that you are given the go-signal to hire a temporary foreign worker, you have to prove two things:

  • You were not successful in finding Canadians available to do or accept the job
  • It is necessary to hire a temporary foreign worker.

For more information about our recruitment services that include LMIA application, you may email us at